elementslab is an applied urban design and environment research group in the School of Architecture + Landscape Architecture  and the Centre for Interactive Research in Sustainability at the University of British Columbia.  The lab was formed at the University of Oregon in 1995 and relocated to UBC in 2004. Co-founders and -directors Cynthia Girling and Ronald Kellett and colleague Maged Senbel work closely with students, collaborators, clients and sponsors to create new knowledge, processes and tools for effective, creative integration of urban form and environment.

Our expertise spans the disciplines of urban design, landscape architecture and architecture. We work across scales (from regions to buildings) on community-based projects typically in collaboration with academic and professional partners. Academic collaborators have included faculty and students in atmospheric science, architecture, community and regional planning, computer science, civil engineering, environmental design, forestry, geography, landscape architecture, library science and remote sensing.

The results of our work have contributed to the development of urban design tools, indicators, guidelines and community prototypes in the United States and Canada. Expansion and refinement of our principal tool, elementsdb, a web-based database of case-based urban form examples, and its application in applied urban design research and teaching contexts is an ongoing project.

Student Research Staff have included:

Michael van der Laan (Environmental Design and Geography), Mesa Sheriff (Architecture), Negin Shakibi (Advanced Studies in Landscape Architecture), Stephanie Mauer (Architecture), Maysa Phares (Community and Regional Planning), Korbin Dasilva (Community and Regional Planning), Grant Hainsworth (Visual Art), Andrew Yu  (Community and Regional Planning),  John Owen de Lancie (Environmental Design), Erica Lay (Community and Regional Planning), Kevin Zhang (Environmental Design and Community and Regional Planning), Jessica Stuart (Community and Regional Planning), Jeannie Lim (Environmental Design), Doreen Leo (Architecture), Alexander Man-Bourdon (Landscape Architecture), Courtney Miller (Advanced Studies in Architecture), Nicole Miller (Advanced Studies in Architecture), Inna Olchovski (Landscape Architecture), Phil Riley (Environmental Design and Architecture), Muhammad Dewji (Computer Science),  Karen Wong (Computer Science), Warren Scheske (Architecture), Caroline Schutrumpf (Landscape Architecture), Nicholas Sinkewicz (Advanced Studies in Landscape Architecture), Eric Siu (Environmental Design and Landscape Architecture) and Elsa Snyder (Environmental Design and Architecture).