elementsdb is a web-based catalogue of urban design examples, images, models and data developed to facilitate and inform urban planning and design teaching, applied research and practice.

This modular, scalable, spatial lexicon of parcel scale urban form elements or cases was built by the elementslab from field-measured examples of the land use elements of urban form parks and open spaces, streets, residential, commercial, civic and industrial parcels and buildings. Each case is rigorously measured and illustrated to comparable standards and graphic conventions to capture its significant qualitative attributes and quantitative dimensions. Included are planning data such as density, use and coverage, environmental performance as well as illustrative data such as photos, plans and 3D models. Data and models can be imported into planning and design software tools such as SketchUp, GoogleEarth and Geographic Information Systems.


Thanks to our current and former students and staff who have provided insight, skill and many hours in the creation of this content: Michael van der Laan, Mesa Sheriff, Negin Shakibi, Stephanie Mauer, Maysa Phares, Duncan Cavens, Doreen Leo, Alexander Man-Bourdon, Steve Lamb, Courtney Miller, Nicole Miller, Inna Olchovski, Phil Riley, Warren Scheske, Caroline Schutrumpf, Nicholas Sinkewicz, Eric Siu, Elsa Snyder, Kevin Zhang.