Climate Smart, Community Wise

climateSMART communityWISE is an educational web project about community planning for climate change mitigation in a Columbia Basin community.

Visitors to the site experience an interactive introduction to energy and emissions issues in Columbia Basin communities and are then invited to explore these issues through a simulation of four alternative ways to add 500 new residents in a prototypical community. Users can explore options through aerial and street level visualizations and learn about dwelling types, mobility, energy and emissions attributes by clicking on areas within. At the conclusion, users compare their selected option against others and community planning priorities such as dwelling diversity or walkability.

The simulation depicted is based on a Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions sponsored project, Measured Visualizations of Urban Form Scenarios as a Means to Community Engagement in Planning for Climate Change?undertaken in 2012 and 2013 by the elementslab in collaboration with staff and citizens of the City of Revelstoke.