Marpole Measured Visualizations

elementslab provided workshops and urban design metrics and visualizations of contemplated land use planning in support of the ongoing Marpole Community Plan. The work elevates understandings of the city’s land use proposals for staff, city council, and community stakeholders. This was a uniquely collaborative process between UBC researchers and City of Vancouver staff including two interactive workshops to test and measure alternative planning scenarios. An initial workshop used the Touch Table to test urban design parameters for focused study areas. A second workshop played out the plan in 3D across the entire neighbourhood in City Engine and enabled the planners to adjust built form while concurrently viewing key metrics. Indicators and metrics, linked to the City’s larger goals, were created to help define and evaluate land use, transit density and energy conditions of the neighbourhood allowing comparison of existing to proposed conditions. Based on a finalized land use plan (by the City), elementslab developed visualizations of the metrics for public consumption at the Marpole Community Plan Open Houses.