Measured Visualizations for UBCO

elementslab supported UBC Campus and Community Planning (C+CP) by mapping, measuring and visualizing the proposed future UBCO Campus Masterplan to assess it against 1) baseline conditions and 2) City of Kelowna Zoning regulations regarding total land cover and 3) walkability to/from key campus locations.

Metrics were spatially based and linked to the C+CP defined program, principles and strategies. We primarily measured existing versus proposed capacity, land cover and walkability. Walkability was based on a 5 minute (or 400 metre) walking distance. We mapped and analyzed the percentage of the total residential beds, parking spaces, academic and commercial areas that would be within walking distance of the campus hub and the transit hub. We also compared existing capacity of residential beds, parking spaces, academic and commercial area against the total proposed capacity reflected in the UBCO Masterplan. Visualizations of these metrics were prepared for an Open House in January, 2015. Additionally, elementslab created both digital and hard models, which were used in a design charrette conducted in June 2014 and subsequently for several stakeholder engagement events.